Manual Transmission

Transmission Fluid Inspection and Replacement


Back-Up Light Switch Test

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground and turn the engine OFF.
  1. Remove the oil filler plug (A) and washer (B), check the condition of the fluid, and make sure the fluid is at the proper level (C).

  1. If the transmission fluid is dirty, remove the drain plug (D) and drain the fluid.

  1. Reinstall the drain plug with a new washer and refill the transmission fluid to the proper level.

    Oil Capacity

1.5 l (1.6 US qt, 1.3 lmp qt) at fluid change

1.7 l (1.8 US qt, 1.5 lmp qt) at overhaul

Always use Genuine Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF). Using motor oil can cause stiffer shifting because it does not contain the proper additives.

  1. Reinstall the oil filler plug with a new washer.

  1. Disconnect the back-up light switch (A) connector.

  1. Check for continuity between the back-up light switch 2P connector No. 1 and No. 2 terminals. There should be continuity when the shift lever is in reverse.
  1. If necessary, replace the back-up light switch. Apply liquid gasket (P/N 08C70-K0234M), and install it on the transmission housing.