Manual Transmission

Countershaft Reassembly (cont'd)


Synchro Sleeve and Hub Inspection and Reassembly

  1. Install the new ball bearing (A) using a special tools and a press (B).

  1. Tighten the new special bolt (A) (left-hand threads).

  1. Inspect gear teeth on all synchro hubs and synchro sleeves for rounded off corners, which indicate wear.
  1. Install each synchro hub (A) in its mating synchro sleeve (B) and check for freedom of movement. Be sure to match the three sets of longer teeth (C) (120 degrees apart) on the synchro sleeve with the three sets of deeper grooves (D) in the synchro hub. Do not install the synchro sleeve with its longer teeth in the 1st/2nd synchro hub slots (E) because it will damage the spring ring.

    NOTE: If replacement is required, always replace the synchro sleeve and synchro hub as a set.