Manual Transmission

Countershaft Bearing Replacement (cont'd)


Mainshaft Thrust Clearance Adjustment

  1. Position the oil guide plate C (A) and new needle bearing (B) in the bore of the clutch housing (C).

  1. Install the needle bearing using the special tools.
  1. Install the bearing set plate (A) with bolts (B).

Special Tools Required

  • Mainshaft holder, 07GAJ-PG20110
  • Mainshaft base, 07GAJ-PG20130

  1. Remove the 72 mm shim (A) and oil guide plate (M) from the transmission housing (B).

  1. Install the 3rd/4th synchro hub (A), the distance collar (B), the 5th/6th synchro hub (C), distance collar (D), and ball bearing (E) on the mainshaft (F), then install the assembled mainshaft in the transmission housing (G).

  1. Install the washer (H) on the mainshaft.
  1. Measure distance (1) between the end of the transmission housing and washer with a straight edge and vernier caliper. Measure at three locations and average the reading.