Manual Transmission

Transmission Reassembly (cont'd)


  1. Install the reverse shift fork.

  1. Install the reverse idler gear (A) and reverse gear shaft (B) by aligning the mark (C) with reverse gear shaft hole (D).

  1. Select the proper size 72 mm shim (A) according to the measurements made during the Mainshaft Thrust Clearance Adjustment (see page 13-46). Install the oil gutter plate (B), oil guide plate M, and 72 mm shim into the transmission housing (C).

  1. Remove the dirt and oil from the transmission housing sealing surface. Apply liquid gasket (P/N 08C70-K0234M) to the sealing surface. Be sure to seal the entire circumference of the bolt holes to prevent oil leakage.

    NOTE: If 5 minutes have passed after applying liquid gasket, reapply it and assemble the housings. Allow it to cure at least 20 minutes after assembly before filling the transmission with oil.