M/T Differential

Differential Thrust Clearance Adjustment


Special Tool Required

Driver, 40 mm I.D., 07746-0030100

  1. Install the 80 mm shim that is the same size as the one you removed.

  1. Install the differential assembly into the clutch housing.

  1. Install the transmission housing onto the clutch housing, then tighten the 8 mm flange bolts in a criss-cross pattern in several steps.

    8 x 1.25 mm

27 Nm (2.8 kgf/m, 20 Ibf/ft)

  1. Use the special tool to bottom the differential assembly in the clutch housing.

  1. Measure clearance between 80 mm shim and bearing outer race in transmission housing.


0 - 0.10 mm (0 - 0.004 in.)