Driveshafts Reassembly (cont'd)


Special Tools Required

  • Boot band tool, KD-3191 or equivalent commercially available
  • Boot band pincers, KENT-MOORE J-35910 or equivalent commercially available

NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View as needed during this procedure.

Inboard Joint Side:

  1. Wrap the splines with vinyl tape (A) to prevent damage to the inboard boot and dynamic damper.

  1. Install the dynamic damper and inboard boot onto the driveshaft, then remove the vinyl tape. Take care not to damage the inboard boot and dynamic damper.

  1. Install the spider (A) onto the driveshaft by aligning the marks (B) on the spider and the end of the driveshaft.

  1. Fit the circlip (C) into the driveshaft groove. Always rotate the circlip in its groove to make sure it is fully seated.
  1. Fit the rollers (A) onto the spider (B) with their high shoulders facing outward, and note these items:
  • Reinstall the rollers in their original positions on the spider by aligning the marks (C).
  • Hold the driveshaft pointed up to prevent the rollers from falling off.