Driveshafts Reassembly (cont'd)


  1. Pack the inboard joint with the joint grease included in the new driveshaft set.

    Grease quantity

Inboard joint: 150 – 160 g (5.3 – 5.6 oz)

  1. Fit the inboard joint onto the driveshaft, and note these items:
  • Reinstall the inboard joint onto the driveshaft by aligning the marks (A) on the inboard joint and the rollers.
  • Hold the driveshaft so the inboard joint is pointing up to prevent it from falling off.

  1. Adjust the inboard joint until the rollers are in the middle of the joint.
  1. Fit the boot ends onto the driveshaft and the inboard joint, then install the band (A) onto the boot (B).

  1. Pull up the slack in the band by hand.
  1. Mark a position (A) on the band 10 - 14 mm (0.4 - 0.6 in.) from the clip (B).