Driveshafts Reassembly (cont'd)


  1. Insert the driveshaft (A) into the outboard joint (B) until the stop ring (C) is close to the joint.

  1. Push

  1. To completely seat the outboard joint, pick up the driveshaft and joint and drop them from about 10 cm (4 in.) onto a hard surface. Do not use a hammer as excessive force may damage the driveshaft. Be careful not to damage the threaded section (A) of the outboard joint.

  1. Check the alignment of the paint mark (A) with the outboard joint end (B).

  1. Pack the outboard joint (A) with the joint grease included in the new joint boot set.

    Grease quantity

Outboard joint:

140 - 150 g (4.9 - 5.3 oz)