Driveshafts Installation (cont'd)


Intermediate Shaft Removal

  1. Install a new spindle nut (A), then tighten the nut. After tightening, use a drift to stake the spindle nut shoulder (B) against the driveshaft.

  1. Clean the mating surfaces of the brake disc and the front wheel, then install the front wheel with the wheel nuts.
  1. Refill the transmission with recommended transmission fluid:

  • Manual transmission (see page 13-4)

  1. Check the front wheel alignment and adjust it if necessary, refer to the 2001 Civic Shop Manual (see page 18-4).

  1. Remove the right driveshaft (see page 16-3).
  1. Remove the heat cover.

  1. Remove the flange bolt (A) and two dowel bolts (B).