Driveshafts Disassembly


Special Tools Required

  • Threaded adapter, 24 x 1.5 mm, 07XAC-0010200
  • Sliding hammer set, 07936-5790001
  • Boot band pincers, commercially available

Inboard Joint Side:

  1. Remove the set ring (A) from the inboard joint.

  1. Remove the boot bands. Take care not to damage the boot and dynamic damper.

  • If the boot band is welded type (A), cut the boot band (B).
  • If the boot band is a double loop type (C), lift up the band bend (D) and push it into the clip (E).
  • If the boot band is a low profile type (F), pinch the boot band using the commercially available boot band pincers (G).

Welded Type

Double Loop Type

Low Profile Type