Driveshafts Disassembly (cont'd)


Outboard Joint Side:

  1. Remove the boot bands. Take care not to damage the boot and dynamic damper.
  • If the boot band is an ear clamp type (A), lift up the three tabs (B) with a screwdriver.

Ear Clamp Type

  1. Slide the outboard boot (A) to the inboard joint side. Take care not to damage the boot.

  1. Wipe off the grease to expose the driveshaft and the outboard joint inner race.
  1. Make a mark (A) on the driveshaft (B) at the same position of the outboard joint end (C).

  1. Carefully clamp the driveshaft in a vice.

  1. Remove the outboard joint (A) using the special tool.
  1. Remove the driveshaft from the vice.