Design Specifications


Item Measurement Qualification Specification
STARTER Type   Gear reduction
Normal output   1.1 kW
Hour rating   30 seconds
Direction of rotation   Clockwise as viewed from gear end
CLUTCH Clutch   Single plate dry, diaphragm spring
Clutch friction material surface area   174 cm2 (26.97 sq in.)
MANUAL TRANSMISSION Type   Synchronised, 6-speed forward, 1 reverse
Primary reduction   Direct 1:1
Gear ratio 1st 3.266
2nd 2.130
3rd 1.517
4th 1.147
5th 0.921
6th 0.738
Reverse 3.583
Final reduction Type Single helical gear
Gear ratio 4.764
STEERING Type   Rack and pinion, with electrical power assistance
Overall ratio   14.49
Turns, lock-to-lock   2.83
Steering wheel diameter   380 mm (15.0 in.)
SUSPENSION Type Front Strut
Rear Double wishbone
Shock absorber Front and rear Telescopic, hydraulic, nitrogen gas-filled
Rear - 0°45'
Caster Front 1°33'
Total toe Front 0 mm (0 in.)
Rear In 2 mm (1/16 in.)
BRAKES Type of service brake Front Power-assisted self-adjusting ventilated disc
Rear Power-assisted self-adjusting solid disc
Type of parking brake   Mechanical actuating, rear wheels
Pad friction surface area Front 49 cm2 x 2 (7.6 sq in. x 2)
Rear 28 cm2 x 2 (4.3 sq in. x 2)
TYRES Size of front and rear   205/45R17 84W
Size of spare   T135/70D15 99M