Charging System

Charging Circuit Troubleshooting (cont'd)


  1. Check continuity between the ECM connector terminal B10 and body ground.


Wire side of female terminals

Is there continuity?

YES - Repair short in the wire between the alternator and the ECM.

NO - Go to alternator and regulator test.

Alternator and Regulator Circuit Test

  1. Be sure the battery is sufficiently charged, refer to the 2001 Civic Shop Manual (see page 22-79).
  2. Raise the hoist to full height.
  3. Hook up the ammeter, 0 - 400 A, to the starter sub-harness.

  1. Lower the hoist.
  2. Hook up the voltmeter, 0 - 20 V (accurate within 0.1 V), to T101.