Charging System

Alternator Overhaul (cont'd)


Special Tools Required

  • Handle driver, 07749-0010000
  • Driver attachment, 52 x 55 mm, 07746-0010400

NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View as needed during this procedure.

  1. Test the alternator and regulator before you remove them (see page 4-21).
  2. Remove the alternator (see page 4-28).
  3. If the front bearing needs replacing, remove the pulley locknut with a 10 mm wrench (A) and a 22 mm wrench (B). If necessary, use an impact wrench.

  1. Remove the harness bracket (A), insulator (B), three flange nuts (C) and the screw (D), then remove the plate terminal (E).

  1. Remove the end cover (A) and dust seal (B).

  1. Remove the brush holder (A), voltage regulator (B) and the rubber seal(C).