Engine Assembly

Engine Removal (cont'd)


  1. Remove the shift cable (A) and select cable (B).

  1. If the A/C compressor is equipped, remove the drive belt (see page 4-25).
  1. Remove the radiator cap.
  1. Raise the hoist to full height.
  1. Remove the front tyres/wheels.
  1. Remove the splash shield.

  1. Loosen the drain plug in the radiator to drain the engine coolant (see page 10-6).
  1. Drain the transmission fluid (see page 13-4).
  1. Drain the engine oil (see page 8-5).
  1. Disconnect the primary Heated Oxygen Sensor (primary HO2S) connector (A) and secondary Heated Oxygen Sensor (secondary HO2S) connector (B).

  1. Remove the Three Way Catalytic Converter (TWC) assembly (C).
  1. Disconnect the stabiliser links (see step 9 on page 18-5) and suspension lower arm ball joints (see step 10 on page 18-5).
  1. Remove the driveshafts (see page 16-3). Coat all precision finished surfaces with clean engine oil. Tie plastic bags over the driveshaft ends.