Cylinder Head

Cam Chain Removal


Special Tools Required

  • Handle, 07JAB-0010200
  • Pulley holder attachment, HEX 50 mm, 07JAB-0010400
  • Socket wrench, 19 mm, 07JAA-0010200

NOTE: Keep the cam chain away from magnetic fields.

  1. Turn the crankshaft pulley so its TDC mark (A) lines up with the pointer (B).

  1. Remove the front tyres/wheels.
  1. Remove the splash shield.

  1. Remove the drive belt (see page 4-25).
  1. Remove the cylinder head cover (see page 6-24).
  1. Hold the pulley with handle (A) and holder attachment (B).

  1. Remove the bolt with a 19 mm socket (C) and breaker bar.
  1. Remove the oil cooler hose joint pipe from the water pump.