Cylinder Head

Cam Chain Removal (cont'd)


Cam Chain Installation

  1. Remove the cam chain guide A (A) and tensioner arm (B).

  1. Remove the cam chain.

Special Tools Required

  • Handle, 07JAB-0010200
  • Pulley holder attachment, HEX 50 mm, 07JAB-0010400
  • Socket wrench, 19 mm, 07JAA-0010200

NOTE: Keep the cam chain away from magnetic fields.

  1. Set the crankshaft to TDC. Align the TDC mark (A) on the crankshaft sprocket with the pointer (B) on the cylinder block.

  1. Set the camshafts to TDC. The punch mark (A) marked with an arrow on the Variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) actuator and the punch mark (B) on the exhaust camshaft sprocket should be at the top. Align the TDC marks (C) on the VTC actuator and exhaust camshaft sprocket.