Cylinder Head

Cam Chain Installation (cont'd)


  1. Install the VTC oil control solenoid valve (see step 1 on page 11-107).
  1. Connect the CKP sensor connector (A) and VTC oil control solenoid valve connector (B).

  1. Install the oil cooler hose joint (A), using a new O-ring (B).

  1. Clean the crankshaft pulley (A) and pulley bolt (B), and apply lubricant to the pulley bolt and washer (C).
O: Clean

: Lubricate

  1. Install the crankshaft pulley and hold the pulley with handle (A) and holder attachment (B).

  1. Tighten the bolt to 245 Nm (25.0 kgf/m, 181 lbf/ft) with a torque wrench and 19 mm socket (C). Do not use an impact wrench.
  1. Install the cylinder head cover (see page 6-44).
  1. Install the drive belt.