Cylinder Head

Rocker Arms and Shafts Inspection (cont'd)


Camshaft Inspection

  1. Inspect the rocker arm pistons (A). Push each piston manually.

    If it does not move smoothly, replace the rocker arm set.

NOTE: Apply oil to the pistons when reassembling.

NOTE: Do not rotate the camshaft during inspection.

  1. Remove the rocker arm assembly (see page 6-28).
  1. Put the rocker shaft holders, camshaft and camshaft holders on the cylinder head, then tighten the bolts to the specified torque.

    Specified torque:

8 mm bolts:

22 Nm (2.2 kgf/m, 16 lbf/ft)

6 mm bolts:

12 Nm (1.2 kgf/m, 8.7 lbf/ft)

6 mm bolts: (21), (22), (23)