Cylinder Head

Rocker Arm Assembly Installation


  1. Clean and dry the No. 5 rocker shaft holder mating surface.
  1. Apply liquid gasket, P/N 08C70-K0234M, 08C70-K0334M or 08C70-X0331S, evenly to the cylinder head mating surface of the No. 5 rocker shaft holder.

    NOTE: Do not install the parts if 5 minutes or more have elapsed since applying liquid gasket; Instead, reapply liquid gasket after removing old residue.

  1. Reassembly the rocker arm assembly (see page 6-29).
  1. Insert the bolts (A) into the rocker shaft holder, then install the rocker arm assembly (B) on the cylinder head.

  1. Remove the bolts from the rocker shaft holder.
  1. Make sure the punch marks on the VTC actuator and exhaust camshaft sprocket are facing up, then set the camshafts (A) in the holder.

  1. Set the camshaft holders (B) and cam chain guide B (C) in place.
  1. Tighten the bolts to the specified torque.

    Specified torque:

8 mm bolts: 22 Nm (2.2 kgf/m, 16 lbf/ft)

6 mm bolts: 12 Nm (1.2 kgf/m, 8.7 lbf/ft)

6 mm bolts: (21), (22), (23)

  1. Install the cam chain (see page 6-16) and adjust the valve clearance (see page 6-10).