Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Installation (cont'd)


Cylinder Head Cover Installation

  1. Install the water bypass hose.

  1. Install the intake manifold (see page 9-5).
  1. Install the exhaust manifold (see page 9-7).
  1. Install the cam chain (see page 6-16).
  1. Adjust the valve clearance (see page 6-10).
  1. Install the drive belt (see page 4-25).
  1. Clean the battery posts and cable terminals with sandpaper, then assemble them and apply grease to prevent corrosion.
  1. After installation, check that all tubes, hoses and connectors are installed correctly.
  1. Inspect for fuel leaks. Turn the ignition switch ON (II) (do not operate the starter) so that the fuel pump runs for about 2 seconds and pressurises the fuel line. Repeat this operation two or three times, then check for fuel leakage at any point in the fuel line.
  1. Refill the radiator with engine coolant, and bleed air from the cooling system with the heater valve open (see page 10-6).
  1. Inspect the idle speed (see page 11-110).
  1. Inspect the ignition timing (see page 4-16).

  1. Thoroughly clean the head cover gasket and the groove.
  1. Install the head cover gasket (A) in the groove of the cylinder head cover (B).

  1. Check that the mating surfaces are clean and dry.
  1. Apply liquid gasket, P/N 08C70-K0234M, 08C70-K0334M or 08C70-X0331S on the chain case and the No. 5 rocker shaft holder mating areas.

    NOTE: Do not install the parts if 5 minutes or more have elapsed since applying liquid gasket. Instead, reapply liquid gasket after removing old residue.