Engine Block


Engine Mechanical

Special Tools 7-2
Component Location Index 7-3
Flywheel Removal and Installation 7-5
Connecting Rod and Crankshaft End Play Inspection 7-6
Crankshaft Main Bearing Replacement 7-7
Connecting Rod Bearing Replacement 7-9
Oil Pan Removal 7-12
Crankshaft and Piston Removal 7-13
Crankshaft Inspection 7-15
Block and Piston Inspection 7-16
Cylinder Honing 7-18
Piston, Pin and Connecting Rod Replacement 7-19
Piston Ring Replacement 7-22
Piston Installation 7-24
Connecting Rod Bolt Inspection 7-25
Crankshaft Installation 7-25
Oil Pan Installation 7-28

Outline of Model Changes

K20A2 engine has been added.