Engine Block

Oil Pan Removal


  1. If the engine is still in the vehicle, remove the sub-frame.
  1. Drain the engine oil (see page 8-5).
  2. Attach the chain hoist to the engine (see step 33 on page 5-7).
  3. Disconnect the suspension lower arm ball joints (see step 10 on page 18-5).
  4. Remove the rear mount mounting bolts (see step 37 on page 5-8).
  5. Remove the front mount mounting bolt (see step 38 on page 5-8).
  6. Use a marker to make alignment marks on the reference lines that align with the centres of the rear sub-frame mounting bolts. Remove the front sub-frame (see step 39 on page 5-9).

  1. Remove the clutch cover (A), and remove the two bolts (B) securing the transmission.

  1. Remove the bolts/nuts securing the oil pan.

  1. Insert a flat tip screwdriver where shown, and separate the oil pan from the block.

  1. Remove the oil pan.