Engine Lubrication

Oil Pump Overhaul (cont'd)


  1. Check the housing-to-outer rotor radial clearance between the outer rotor (A) and pump housing (B). If the housing-to-outer rotor radial clearance exceeds the service limit, replace the oil pump.

    Housing-to-Outer Rotor Radial Clearance

Standard (New):

0.15 - 0.21 mm

(0.006 - 0.008 in.)

Service Limit:

0.23 mm (0.009 in.)

  1. Inspect both rotors and the pump housing for scoring or other damage. Replace parts if necessary.
  1. Install the oil pump cover.

Oil Pump Installation

  1. Install the oil pump.

  1. Squeeze the new oil pump chain tensioner (A), then install the set clip (B) on it as shown.

    NOTE: The set clip is supplied with the oil pump chain tensioner.