Engine Lubrication

Engine Oil Filter Replacement (cont'd)


France-Made Oil Filter

(3/4-turn type)

  1. Remove the oil filter with the commercially available oil filter wrench (LABINAL-Purflux 76).
  1. Inspect the threads (A) and rubber seal (B) on the new filter. Wipe off the seat on the engine block, then apply a light coat of oil to the filter rubber seal. Use only filters with a built-in bypass system.

  1. Install the oil filter by hand.
  1. After the rubber seal seats, tighten the oil filter clockwise with the commercially available oil filter wrench (LABINAL-Purflux 76) (A).


3/4 turn clockwise.

Tightening torque:

22 Nm (2.2 kgf/m, 16 lbf/ft)

  1. If 4 numbers (1 to 4) are printed around the outside of the filter, use the following procedure to tighten the filter.
  • Spin the filter on until its seal lightly seats against the oil cooler and note which number is at the bottom.
  • Tighten the filter by turning it clockwise 3 numbers from the one you noted. For example, if number 2 is at the bottom when the seal is seated, tighten the filter until the number 1 comes around the bottom.

  1. After installation, fill the engine with oil up to the specified level, run the engine for more than 3 minutes, then check for oil leakage.