Intake Manifold and Exhaust System

Intake Manifold Removal and Installation (cont'd)



  1. Install the intake manifold (A) with a new gasket (B), then tighten the two stud bolts (C).

  1. Tighten all intake manifold mounting bolts/nuts in a criss-cross pattern in two or three steps, beginning with the inner bolt.
  1. Tighten the two bolts securing the intake manifold and brackets.

  1. Install the PCV hose (A), harness holder mounting bolt (B), and harness clamp mounting bolt (C).

  1. Install the fuel feed hose (see page 11-121).
  1. Install the water bypass hoses.

  1. Install the throttle cable (see page 11-128), then adjust the cable (see page 11-127).