Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 10

  • Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 10

    9. Coat or nu parts with specified grease where specif- ied grease where specified (Page 4-2). Clean all removed vans in or with solvent upon disassembly. © (53 10. Brake fluid and hydraulic components ~ When replenishing the system, use extreme care not to allow dust and dirt from entering the inside. Do not mix different brands of fluid as they may not be compatible. Do not reuse drained brake fluid. - Brake fluid can cause damage to the painted surfaces. Wipe up spilled fluid at once. After disconnecting brake hoses or pipes from the joint, be sure plug the opening to prevent loss of brake fluid. ~ Clean all disassembled parts only in clean BRAKE FLUID. Blow open all holes and passages with compressed air. ~ Keep disassembled parts from airborne dust and abrasives. - check that parts are clean before assembly. 1|. Avoid oil or grease getting on rubber parts and tubes. 12. Upon assembling, check every possible part for proper installation and movement or operation. - Electrical . Befan making any repairs on Ilectric wins or parts, disconnect the battery cablls frnm the battery star» ing with the negative (—) terminal. 91 / - After making rep ’rs, check each wire or part for pro» per routing and installation. Also check to see that they are connectld properly. - Always connect the battery positive (+l cable first, then connect the negative (-l cable. - Coat the terminals with clean grease after connecting the blttery cables. r Don’t forget to install lhl terminal cover over the positive batterv terminal after connecting. Before installing a new fuse, isolate the cause and take corrective measures, particularly when frequent fuse failure accu rs. Rating! Be sure to install the terminal cover over the connec» tions after a wire or wire harness has blan connected. Coven YERMINAL (contd) 1-11