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  • Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 12

    . Avrer clamping, check each harness to be certain that it is not intlrfarring with any mpvinp or trim p parts or the vehicle. . Keep wire harnesses away from the exhaust pipes and other hot Darts. ~ Always kiln a safe between wire harnesses and any heeled parts. Kup sufficient dimer-eel ~ Do not bring wirl harnessex in direct comlct with sharp edges or corners. Aha avoid contact with the projected ends or halts, screws and other fasteners. X - Route harnesses so they are not pulled taut or slacken~ ed excessively. - Protect wires and harnesses with a tape or tube if they ere in contact with a sharp edge or corner. QR...“ - Clean the attaching turrace thorougth it a plaster is used. Use a spirit wipe if necessary. . Seat grommets in their grooves properly: iilwén - Du not damage the insulator when connecting a wire. - Do not use wires or harnesses with a broken insulator. Repair by wrapping with a protective tape or replace with new ones if necesserv. O - After installing pans, make sure that wire harnesses are not pinched. Dont Ietwrres bl pinchch (contdl 1-13