Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 13

    Preparation of Work Electrical (contd) . Ahsr routing, check that (he wits harnessns am not twisted or kinked. O Wire harnesses should be routed so that they are not pulled taut, siackenld excessively, pinched, or imer- ferred with adjacent or surrounding parts in all staring positionst Am rang; and WEN correct I - When using the Service Tefler, follow the manufacr turers Instructions and (hose descrlbed in the Shop Manual. ~ Do not throw or let parts fall. i éb W ‘ l Rust is the enemy of all finished swims Before con- necting connectors and couniers, check the terminals and remova, ii any, rust uslng a tine sand naner or emery cloths -Symbo| Marks The (allowing symbols stand for: I : Apply engine oil. a 2 Apply brake fluidt ,& : Apply greaset 2 ADDIY Aulomatic Transmission Fluidt 1-14