Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 34

  • Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 34

    Design Specifications (contd) Coupe “EMS MEmlc I ENGLISH NOYES WHEEL Camber mm and Rear o‘I—o°45 ALIGNMENT Caner 2’25 Toe mm 0 mm a in. near m 2 mm m 0.03 in. Swenng Axis lnc|inaliun l2°55 BRAKES Type, From Power aaained ventilated dim Type, Hear Power misled drum Llan Suriace Araa Flam/Rear 36150.2 cm’ 5.6118511. ma Enacle Din: Dian-Elev 190 mm 75 m, Brake Drum Ln. mo mm 7.1 m Parking Brake Yype Mechanical Expanding, rear ma wheel brakes TIRES 5le meme HR13 ELEchCAL Bauery l2 v — 45 AH Ks am: Kl: 12 v a 47 AH slarm , 12 v — L0 kW Allernawv l2 v — 55 amps Fum 20Ax3,ISAx5.IDAx9 Main Fuse 55 A x 1.05 A X 2 30A x1 (Sunrooi) Headlights 12 v — 60155 W speedommr/Gauge Illuminauon Lighls From Turn Signal Lights Pusimn Lights FVOVII slde Marker nghls Warning lndicamr ngms Inlerior mgr Hear Turn SIgna‘ ngm: smp/Talllighvs Turn slgnal Indicawl ngms Tall Gale ngm Back-up Lights Llcense lights Rear Fag ngms HemrFanal ngtu 12V—3.4w 12V—21W i2V—5W I2V—5W 12v—I.4w 12v— 5w (SunvDoVI2V8W) 12V—21 w 12v—1115W 12V7|AW le-JAW 12V—21w 12v—5w 12V421W(EC) 12V—L4w,12v—I.2w 3-12