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  • Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 4

    Lift and Support Points ,— Hoist 1. Place lhe lift blocks as shown. 2. Raise the hoist a few inches and rock lhe car to be sure it is firmly supported, 3. Raise the hoist w ull height and Inspect lift points 0! solid suppoll, When heavy mu components such as suspension, fuel tank, spare m. and Imnk lid/hatch are m be Iemnvsd, place additional wsigm in Iha trunk balms hoisfing. When subsmntifl weight is removed from the rear of the car, the Banter ol gravity may change and can cause the our to up forward on the ham, NOTE: Since each fire/wheel assemva weights approximme 30 lbs, placan me from wheels m me trunk can assist wnh me welght transfel. :. v;f’*.%‘c”‘ V, LIFY aLocK {cont’ch 1-5