Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 5

  • Honda Civic 1984 Service Manual - Page 5

    Lift and Support Points(cont’d) F Floor Jack 1. $2! the parking brake and block ‘he wheels that are not being liked. m 2. When mung xhe rear of car, put the gear shin lever ‘ Always use “(aw stand} when wovkina on 0 in reverse (Hondamaticin pAnKL undev any vehicle mat I: supported by only a iack‘ 3. Raise the car hlgh enough 10 insen (he saletvslands‘ _ . ‘ 0 Never anemm m use a bumper jack for mung 4. Adihsl and place the safety stands as shown on page or supporting Ihe cav- ‘l-7 so the car will be apprmumately level, ‘hen lower car omo them. Front ammo [ack‘ g brackel m m. mvadle U PLATFORM o! lack m: pwarlorm, Rear 4D and AD H/E Coupe and 2D H/B Cemer (he lacking LIFT PLATFORM bracket m me midd‘e DI jack m: Ola‘loym 1-6