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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 63

    — Pump Flow Control Fluld lrom the pump runs through a metering orlhce m the valve body. This cveates a pressure drlrerenual be- tween the pump and valve body sides of the urifice. When pressure m lhe pump srde rs hlgher man the lmce ol the spring holding the flaw ebnupl va)ve closed, u pushes me valve down lepenl, and excess lluid Ve|urns m lhe pump rnler, The combined elrect of the melenng orlfice and the flow control valve plovides a relatlvely conslam llew pl fluid m the valve body, Pressure Relief As pressure on lhe valve body srde builds up, H pushes lhe rellef valve ball (inslde the flow control valvel up as gelnst Its prlng. As lhe pressure under lhe flow ebmrol valve drops, me reliel valve ball is closed by us sunny, and the flow can lrol valve ls lareed down again, allowlng excess fluld from the pump sue to return to the Inlet. Thrs flow eonudl valvesrehef valve Cyllnder keeps pump oulpux pressure between 80790 kg/sz, FLUID FLOW PUMP CONTROLLED [tom nesenvom METENNG ORIFICE m GEARBOX FLOW CONTROL VALVE RELIEF VALVE OPEN [RELIEF VALVE) I. REUEF VALVE BALL DAMPING ORIF|CE m prevem valve llunering — Gearbox Caled m the [DD 0 me sleerlng gearbox The sreenng gear Is a seHAcomalned lack and plrllon type wlth me power cyllnder plaeed m lme with me sleenng rack, The power evlrnder has an uurer wall which selves as a fluid passage [0 elrmrnale externa| plplng. The eomrol valve is Io (cont’dl 19-51