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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 58

    Gearbox 50. Trghren the three 6 mm bolts to secure the housrrrg cap to the gear housing, NOTE: The arrow on the heusrng cap must lace toward the (mm of me car when the gearbox IS ms stalledv HOUSING nAP a x 1‘0 mm 12 Mm 112 kgrm, 9 mm 51. Cost the lack guIdE wrrh grease. 52, Install the rack gulde, sprlng, o-rlng and rack guide screw ln the gear housrng. 53. lnsrall the locknul on the lack gulde screw, lrnger tight, GEAR HOUSING LDCKNUT — Gearbox Disassembly/Reassembly (comd) 54V Tlghten (he gulde screw unrll lt compresses the sprlng and seals agdlnsl the guide, then loosen llv Reughten It lo 4 N‘m10.4 kgrm, 3 lbs!” and back offabou135° (aboul 1/10 0 a turn), While hoding the gu‘rde screw in lls posrtron, rrght- en the Iocknut to 25 N m12,5 kg m. 18 lb m Wlth the Iocknut wrench RACK GUIDE SCREW LOCK NUT WRENCH LH: o79135920luu RH: 07916-6920000 55. Screw each lavrod into the rack whlle holding the lockwashev so lts labs are In lhe slots In [he rack end. Tlghlen (he lie»rod securely, then bend (he Iockwashel back egarnst the flat on the flange as shown. Install the bums and bands aouT BAND BOOT I STOP WASHER LOCKWASHER Insert labs m slots Bend lockwasher dgalnsl llar on nermd Hangs. 55. Make sure that the boots move smoothly whlle slid- mg the steering rack