Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 56

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 56

    Gearbox 42. Coat the and seal guwde mol wim grease. 43. Carefully slide the minder over the rack and Install it on me gear housing. CAUTION: and sea Be carefull not to damage the swings. the cylindev. END SEAL GUIDE 07974-5A50400 CVLINDER 8 mm BOLT 44. Push the steering rack until the rack IS .n (he nvlln» der to prevem damage m me sliding Sulface of the steevlng rack STEERING K — Gearbox Disassembly/Reassembly (cont‘d) 45. Secure the cylinder to the gear housing Wllh the foul 8 mm bolls. NOTE: Behave Iightening, make sure the maIing surlace DI the cyllnder and gear housing In pvopet- Iy. Push and hold them logethel whlle you lighten the bolts, 3 x 1.25 mm 22 N~m (2.2 kg-m, 16 Ib-n) 46, Usmg a pless, Inslall the bearing on me ulnion, wnh ‘15 seal slde iacmg down (ouII. AYTACHEMENT 42 x 47 mm 077450010300 HEARING OUTSIDE IrISIaII wim Ihe 5291 swde Iamng down, 19-44