Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 53

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 53

    27. Sllde the cyllnder cap onto the seal retamer. 28. Install the rlng stopper on the seal retainer. 29. Instafl 8 new 24.9 x 2 mm Orrlng on the seal rer tainer. SEAL RETAINER RlNG STDPPER chINDEn CAP O-RING 24.9 x 2 mm 30. Install the rack bushlng a with the groove toward the steerlng rack piston. STEERING RACK PISTON RACK BUSHING B 31, Coat the end Seal sllder tool and Cyllnder end seal wrth grease, and Install the cvlrnder end seal on the seal slider tool with the groove toward the tool. r-fil CYUNDER END SEAL Install WIrh gram/E 13 H mm mm r634 CVLINDER END +— 59“ SLIDER 07974-SA50300 32. Coat the rack and fill Its teeth with grease then sllde the tool onto the steellng rack, CAUTION: Make sure the lack teeth do not face the slot in the slider tool. RACK YEEYH Face away Iram slot. (contdl 19-41