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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 42

    Gearbox — Valve Body Unit Disassembly — (contd) 15, Check the leactlon CDH‘VOI valve. 0 Inspect Its surface lol scoring 0. scratches, o Slip ll mm the valve body, and make sure K slides smoothly, wllhoul orag 0V sme plav. VALVE BODY REACTION CONTROL VALVE Check In! smoom oDvallun NOTE: 0 The leSClIOI’I control valve is sixed to fit the valve body, so, A you replace ll, make sure me new valve has lhe same ldenmlcauon mark on it, 0 ll the valve bodv .5 damaged, replace the valve body unlt as a sel. O o O at). i IDENTIFICATION MARK Oulme Dlameler Pan Number W x [103595912j0‘5050‘33m 53646 SB4 950 V (33.353739303593313? 535‘743‘450 z I‘Déggtfijé’ssggsw; 536487 $34 a 950 19-30