Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 40

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 40

    Gearbox — Valve Body Unit Disassembly (cont’d) 7 Remove the cuI-off Valve and sprIng horn the valve body, CUT-OFF SFR|NG GUI-OFF VALVE 8, Check the cum yaIve: 0 Inspect us surface for scurlng or scraIches 0 SM) n back In“) the yaIve body, and make sure it sIIdes smoothly wlmoul drag and wiIhouI Side Olav. NOTE: 0 The CL“ 0“ valve Is sued K0 In Ihe valve body, so, .I you repIace il, make sure me new valve has the same identllcahon mark on I‘ - II the valve body IS damaged, replace the valve body unIt as a set. cuTroFF VALVE Q C ‘1 0 V IDENTIFICATION MARK demmca ‘ o t a D I r ‘ P N b on Mark ‘ u s. e Iame e ‘ a W 9, 10000710005 mm A N (03837703939 J 53550‘53“95° 5 995—10 000 mm 3 103935—03937 m 5355534’95° n, 5365275847950 9‘ Remove the valve body cap from the valve body. I0. Remove the cap seal. 11. Remove Ihe dowel pms VALVE BODY CAP VALVE a Dv CAP 5 AL 19-28