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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 37

    — Removal/Installation 1. Turn the sieering Wheel all the away to [he left, 2. Remove xhe bonorn bolt in Khe steenng shalt conr neclol, and pull the Connector up off the pinion shall. 8 x 1.25 mm 30 m» [3.0 kg-m, 22 um) 3 Dvaln me power steering lluid as described on IS- 11. 4. Raise (he fmn! of car on jack stands and vemove the hon! wheels. 5. Remove the cone! prrrs, and unscrew the lierrod end ball [aim nms halfway, 6. Break the ball javms loose usvng the Ball Jovnl Fle- mover. 7. Then, remove the nuts, and lift the fie-rod ends out 0 Steering knuckles BALL JOINT REMOVER 0794176920001 8. Manual Transmission Only: - Disconnect the shift lever torque rod from the clutch housing. - Slide the pin reiainer out of way, drive out the spring pin with pin punch, men dlsconnect the shift rod. 9. Honda matic Transmission Only: 0 Remove the shift cable holder and pull the shift cable down by hand. 22 N-m (2.2 kg-m. 16 Ih-h) CONTROL CABLE CONYROL CABLE HOLDER lcomd) 19-25