Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 36

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 36

    Gearbox Index I Belore dlsassembling Ilia gearbox, wash it all will. solver“. o Thwroughlv clean all isassembled pans. 0 Always leplace O-rings and seals. 0 Replace parts with damaged sl 9 surlaces. 0 Do not dip seals and Drying: in solvent; coal O-rings with grease, and make am they stay in posilion duling laassemhlv. O The Shaded pans (valve body. lane on control valve, cut-o valve) ale 2 Inmched sol; ii the valve body is laully. replace the complete valve body u PDRT cuT-orr SEAL SPRING REACTION s x 1.0 mm Replace PLUNGERs CONTROL IZN-fll “.2 kg-ml VALVE 9 Ila-ll) § é RETURN SPRINGS 27.5 x 2.4 mm O~RING PLUNGERS saga. Rem” VALVE PORT - W CAP SEAL fl Replace. ‘ VALVE BoDv 0” CAP f r 3 V CDNYFDL VALVE SEAL @ Replace ROLLER ‘l sum O~RING aQ sEAL . Replece. STEERING 2:33am RACK BUSHING B 24 9 x 2.0 mm Raplm RETAINER EXTERNAL cquDER RING STOPPER SNAP RING ll . A Inspect Or /@ PINION O»filNG lgf‘llicngyce damage ‘0 Replace DUST SEAL lnnef surlsce. “UNDER * / REVIEW .fil END SEAL sEAL § 15 mm JO Q RETAINER BEARINC WASHER K PINIoN .fil 46 5 x 2.4 mm CquDER 0mm; BARREL W lnSDECI Inner we“ Replace 32 mm INTERNAL s x 1.25;; lor damage. V sNAP RING 22 N‘m, ‘ 97m. 16 Ihrm Q PlNlON ® ’0” “He‘s CVLINDER g1 73 x 1_§ mm END SEAL OVRINGS Replace @ gags ep Ea. RACK BUSHING A 33.5 x 1.5 mm , / Inspect lol aamege 0mm; . RACK SCREW to inner suvlgace. New“; .‘— chINDER SPRING 0% ‘ LOCK NUT §l§ RACK GUlDE SCREW SPRING RACK GUIDE r-fifl chINDER CAP 33.5x1.5mm GEAR ° G HOUSING Replace. 5906/31 BEARING 31 mm EXTERNAL SNAP RlNG 44 x 2.0 mm O-RING Replace. HOUSING CAP .fil STEERING GREASE...Honda pans number 08740799969 NOT . L/H shown, R/H is symmetry. 19-24