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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 32

    Pump 10‘ I! the valve leaks, clamp the bottom end D! it in a vise that has soft jaws. ‘11i Unscrew the seat in lhe top end of the valve, and remove any shims, the steel ball, the spring guide and its spring. SEAT 13 N-m (1.3 karml 9 Ibrh) SNIM (5) If used r»~o::>DCt)() l STEEL BALL LEE, ,m, a j I FLOW CONTROL VALVE RELIEF VALVE SPRING Clamp this end in a Vlse wilh son jaws. SPRING GUIDE 12. Clean all the parts in solvent, dry them ofl, then reassemble and retest the valve NOTE: If necessary, iellef pressure is adjusted at the iactory by adding shlms under the check ball ssaL if you lound shims In you! valve, be sure you reinstall as many as you took out. F Flow Control Valve Inspection and Adjustment lcontd) 13. Install in reverse oldev ol removal. Also: 0 Coat the new O-rings With steering grease to hold them. 0 Coat Lhe flow Control Valve with power steering fluid. 19-20