Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 33

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 33

    — Housing Disassembly 1, Sepavale the reservoir om me pump housmg 7. Remove the drive and drlven 92375 from me pump [page 19-17). housing 2. Remove (he now eonrrol valve u necessary (page nun-seas 1943). 3, Loosen the four 6 mm belts in ‘he sequence shown, then remove mm and the from coverv 4. Remove xhe 53 8 x 3.1 mm Ornng {mm the from cover. “NE” 5. Remove the plunger sea| DOWEL PINS 518 x 3VI mm O-RING FRONT COVER DRIVE GEAR 8. Remove me louv O-vingsr PLUNGER SEAL 9. Remove me plungers .r necessary. Replace / , 10. Pry the oil seal out {ram the on! covev. o J /, e. Separare the Don housmg ham rhe pump housmg. on SEAL PUMP HOUSING PORT HOUSING 19-21