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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 34

    Pump _ Housing Assembly 1. u the plunger: are removed, be sun? to position them correctly, as shown. NOTE: Lubricate the plunger housing wllh puwer steering fluld before Installing the plungersv HOLES in PLUNGEHS HOLE in PUMP HOUSING 2. Lubricate the inside surface of (he plungers and gears with power steenng fluid. 3. Install the gears In the pump housing with the drive gear (award the projection on the houstng. DRIVEN GEAR PnDJECnoN DRIVE GEAR PROJECYION ,fil 0~RING Lubricate the gear bushmg of the part housing, lnslall the (W0 dowel mm and four Orrings, Install the port housing on the pump huusing wilh [he propectiuns on (he housings alignedr DOWEL PINS PROJEcnuN GEAR BUSHINGS DVRINGS Grease the plunger seal. then instau rt over the plungers. Install the dowel pins in the pump housmg, Put grease m the groove 0! the front cover first, then position a new Orrmg on the cover, 10, Install the from cover on Ihe pump housing wlth the projections aligned. 11, lnslall the low boltst Torque [hem to the specified torque in the sequence shown, .Jfih FLUNGER SEAL DOWEL PINS FRONT COVER 0 o 0 o 6X1V0mm 12 MM [12 kg-m, 9 Ib-m PR JECTIONS 19-22