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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 29

    4. Tap the reservoir lighlly Wllh a plasma hammer to remove the reservoir from the pump housing. CAUTION: s. carerul nor an damage the lasers voir. THREAD PROTECTOR 07974-5540 1 00 RESERVOIR 5‘ Replace 945 x 35 mm and 22,1 x 1 9 mm or rings. orRINGs THREAD PROTECTOR 80 mm 8. (3-1/8 in Install the thread adaptor as shown THREAD PRDTECTDR 07974753401 00 Press the reservoir min the pump housing usmg so mm (3-1/8 in.) and 100 mm (4 in.) diameter pipes unm the end or me reservou rs seated on rhe flange 04 the pump housing. CAUTION: Use shop rowers m prevent damage to the reservoir u‘r pump housing NOTE The shop mwels luncnon as gaskets m keep the prpe secuons securely posmoneu on (he pump hauslngr Trus Is parricularly important against me rounded edge or the pump case/ reservuir. so mm (3418 inJ |.D PIPE SHOP TOWELS 100 mm (A m.) IVDV P|PE Install me 19 mm D|am washer and specra| nut. 19-17