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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 31

    6. Check lo! wear, bulls, and other damage m the edges 0! the grooves In the valve. FLOW CONTROL vALvE Check for damage to edges 7. 5le the valve back In the pump and check that It moves up and down smoothly. |f OK, gel to step a. If nm, replace the valve: The orlginal valve was selected (or a preclse m in me pan houslng bore; make sure me new one has the same identificafion malks 16 I! lo 52 in] O |DENTIF|CATION MARK Mark Part No. Pan Name Slze mm A 56350401 Flow Comrol Valve 15 less than 0 -000 Assembly A —O 005 Wlthoul 5636040 Flow Control Valve 15 +0 006 mavk sooo Assembly a o i E. Attach a hose to (he and ol the Valve. HOSE 9.5 mm (0.0374 In.) H). The power sleefmg mum hose IS vecomended FLOW CONTROL VALVE Then submelge the valve in a contalner 0 power steering fluid or solvent, and blow on ‘he hosel Re- place the valve av repair I! (next page) il you see air bubbles in (he lluld. AIR PRESSURE Ax less 193 kPa [0,2 kglemz, 3.0 psi] POWER STEERING FLUID or SOLVENT lcomdl 19-19