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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 25

    — Pump Pressure Test Check fluld pressure as lolluws to determine whether the trouble is in the Dump er gearbox: NOTE: First check the power steering llurtl level and pump belt tension, We Disconnect the outlet hose lrpm the pump outlet fitting, and lnslall the pressure gauge and the adaptors between the hose and pump as shown NOTE ll Power Steerlng Gauge l07405-00l0000l rs used, the pressure valve 107406r00|0300l and gauge (0740670010400) must be installed as shown HOSE JOINT ADAPTOR 074067001 0900 GAUGE PRESSURE CONTROL once-0010400 VALVE SHUT~0FF 07406~00I0300 POWER STEERING PRESSURE GAUGE 07406-0010001 PUMP JOINT ADAP10R 074050010800 2. Open the shulroH valve lullv, a. Open the pressure control valve lullv. 4. Start the englrle and let rt ldle. 5. Turn the steering wheel lrom Iock~w-|ock several times to get the fluid up to operating temperature. Measuring Fluid Tempevamve: 40— 50°C (‘I 04— 1 20“ F] 6. Close the shutrolf valve, then, close the pressure control valve gradually unrrl the pressure gauge needle is stable, then lead pressure. 7t Open the shukolf valve fully CAUTION: Do not keep the shutvo valve closed more then 5 seconds or the pump could be dam- aged by overheati g. If the pump is OK, the gauge should read at least 7345 kPa leo kg/cm’ 1135 psrl. A low leading means pump output is top law for lull assist. Repair or replace the pump PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE SHUT-OFF 19-13