Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 26

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 26

    Pump Index/Inspection ,fil Use onlv STEERING GREASE [Honda pan number 08740799969) on seals and oerings. CAUTION: Pump components are made of aluminum. Be careful not to damage them when servicing. 0 Clean all the disassembled parts thoroughly. - Replace all Drrlngs and seals. Do not are new and seals in solvem; eear Orrings with steerrng grease belore installatren, and make sure thev stay In place dunng reassembly o The shaded Dans are select-ver fitted, and should not be disassembled exczpl 10 replace seals. ll any one bl them is fauky, leplace the whole pump as an assembly. OIL SEAL Replace. FRONT covER Check lor damage to sealrng lace, 53.5 x 3.1 mm O-RING Replace, PUMP DRIVE PLUNGER GEAR Chock lor damage P 1 nous.” X H, mm SEAL DDWEL PIN and wear click ,9, mfg l2 N m Replace. a 10 mm re sealmg laces. e1 .2 kgrm, 9 lbrltl A 9.5 x 1 5 m,“ Check 01 wear “3 O~RING cunlact surlaee ul damage Replace gear shall. 22.1 x 1.9 mm O’RING Replace. DOWEL PIN 8 x10 mm PLUNGER 3 l9 mm PLAIN Check 0 WASHER damage . _ ’ 0’ w and wear » ‘ W W a o 2 fl / 94.6 x 3.5 mm 1 oaRlNG 1 Replace. l PULLEV puusy Check for HUB drslomon PUMP and cracks. HOUSING SPEC‘AL NUT r Cheek 0 l 23 N-m (2 3 kgrm a x 1 0 mm 17 lbs) 12 um l1.2 kgvm, 9 mm 10 x 1.25 mm ‘ 45 N‘n-l (4.5 kg-m, 33 Ibrfl 19-14 RE PUMP DRIVEN Sam“: 5 x 1.0 mm SERVO“ PLATE Check lar GEAR 1:5 N-m l1 3 kg-m, damage or Check lor 9 Ibanl demmamm emerge and wear OIL STRAINER SCREEN