Summary of Contents for Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 24

  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 24

    On-Car Checks 1, Check me power steerlng Huld level and pump bell tension, 2. Start the engine, allow lo idle, and [Um the steering wheel tram lock-to-lock several times to warm up the lluid. Measuring Fluid Tempevaluve: 40—50°C (1 0A— 122° F) Check With Torque Wrench Attach a torque wranch to the steetlng whael nut thh the englne ldllng and the car on a clean, my floor. Tum (he wvench as shown and lead [12 torque as soon as ‘he DIES begin to turn. TORQUE: 5.6 Nam (56.5 kg-cm, 4.0 lb“) MAXt check With Spring Scale Attach a sprlng scale lo the steering wheel, wlth the engine ldllng and lhe car on a clean, dry lloor, Dull the scale as shown and lead lt as soon as Ihe tires begin to turn. FORCE: 294M (3.0 kg, 6.6 lbs) MAXt II values are no! wlthin the specillcatlon, Inspecl the Valve body untt lsee page 1947). ,— Assist Check With Car Parked — — Rack Guide Adjustment 1. Loosen the Iocknut on the rack gulde screw wlth the special tool as shown. LOCKNUT RH: anteaszuooo 2 Tlghten Ihe gulde Screw unlll .t compresses the sprlng agalnst the gulde; then loosen it, and tighten it Io about 4 N-m (o 4 kgsm, a lbsft) and back it off about 25° labout 1/12 at a turnl, Tlghten the locknul to about 25 N ml2.5 kg»m, 1B lb-m while plevenllng the gutde sclew from mOVIngl 19-12