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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 65

    Hydraulic Reaction Sensing Mechanism :tfln at Parked or Slaw Speed A reachon chamber wml a palr ol plungers and Springs is provided on each slde of the reaction control valve, A hydraullc pressure Sensmg cut all valve .s located .n the cveuu leadlng to the reactlon chambers When the Sleevlng wheel ‘5 tuvned while the cal rs parked or movlng at low speed, fluid preSSuIe lncIeaSes As the pres. Sule reaches a prescrlbed value, I! loraes the cure” valve down, When (hIS happens, the fluld passage lrom the pump lo the Ieacnorl chambers ls closed off, keeping the Huld pressure m the reacllon chambers from hst too hlgh. The damping orlllce prevents “fluttering” al Ihe reacllon cuntIol valve durlng operatlon. The mam orillce causes hlgheI pressure on Its lefI slde than on the right Slde, ensunng Slabllltv .n sllalghI-ahead dvlvlng at high speeds. DAMPING REACTION DRAIN ORIFICE PLUNGER PASSAGE Io chlMDEn A B To CYLINDER PUMP SPRING RETURN PASSAGE CUT-OFF VALVE MAIN DRIFICE REACTION REACTION comnm CHAMBER FLUID PASSAGE VALVE STEERING FORCE ROAD RESISTANCE (conI’d) 19-53