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  • Honda Civic 1985 Service Manual - Page 23

    Power Steering Fluid — Replacement Check the reservoir level al. legulav lnlervals, and add fluld as necessary. CAUTION: Use only GENUINE HONDA Power Steering Fluid. Use of lluids such as ATF or other manufacturers’ power steering lluld will damaga the system. Fluid Level Cold Englnu Warm Englne fl ‘ Uppol Level aw Upnor Laval . . . .II Lowev Level anav Level Fluid Replacement CAPACITY: 1.1 US. at (1.01) 3‘ change 1. Raise lhe lront end of the car and place salety stands In the pruper locations. 2 Disconnect the return hose lrom the gearbox at the reservolr. and the put the end in a suitable contalner 3. Slarl the englne and let ll run at idle, and turn the steerlng wheel lvorn lockstoslock several limes. When lluld stops running uul of the hose, shut all the engine. Discard the lluld, RETURN HOSE hell: (he return hose [0 (he reservolr. Flll the reservolr to the upper level mark, Start the englne and run it at idle, then turn the sleerlng wheel llom lockrlorlock several trmes to bleed the air lrom the syslem 6. Recheck the fluid level and add lluld it necessary. 5.“9’ CAUTION: Du not fill me vesewair beyond the upper level mark. On-Car Checks — Belt ten on Adjustment A properly adlusted bell should deflect about 1372 mm lama/8 in.) when you push on ll mid-way between the pulleys with a lorce of about 100N (10kg. 22 lhsl, 1. Loosen (he foul bolls 2. Sllde the Dump [)0le 3. Tlghlen the low bolts to the specified torque. sons 10 x 1.25 mm 10x 1.25 mm ‘5 Mm I45 ka-mv 33 Ih-hl ¥ TAEASUREMENT POSITION 2. Slarl the englne and Iel ll Idle. and turn the sleenng wheel from lock-larlock several times. 3 Slop the engine Check and readjust bell deflection If nECessarv. 19-11